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Station omega

Themed Entertain Concept Submission

2021 Storyland Studios Design Challenge

- Creative Director & Show Writer

  • Overall
    Station OMEGA was the result of a 6-week remote team effort to deliver a themed entertainment attraction concept for the 2021 Storyland Studios Design Challenge Intended as both as a working aquarium/oceanarium and a fully immersive experience, Station OMEGA is designed as a sunken Atlantean Temple recently uncovered by the fictional Odyssey Research & Conservation Association (O.R.C.A.) The theme behind the pavilion and its incorporated concepts is to emphasize spreading awareness of conservation efforts & environmental impacts on marine life, both global and local
  • Pavilion
    Housing both live and digital exhibits, the goal of Station OMEGA is to be both an entertaining and educational destination as well as a functioning center for rehabilitation and repopulation programs set up to help endangered marine species come back into the world. Partnering with real-world wildlife foundations and marine institutes would help make an even bigger impact in protecting our environment and our planet’s biodiversity by bringing their knowledge and resources. Thus Station OMEGA can better inspire & inform Guests on how to take action in their own lives. Inside the Station, Guests can explore and enjoy: – E-Ticket Flume Ride — ATLANTIS: Uncover the Lost Secrets (ages 5+) – Marine Life Oceanarium & Aquarium Exhibits (all ages) – Conservation Edu-tainment Show (all ages) – Explorers’ Quest Interactive Exhibits (ages 5-12) – Rubble Rumble Play Area (ages 3-10) – Quick service F&B and Retail (please see the Submission Documents for more details)
  • E-Ticket Attraction - ATLANTIS: Uncover the Lost Secrets
    An enhanced flume ride revisits the popular legend of the mythic civilization in 3 acts that highlight the relationships between humans and Mother Nature and show the newly discovered reasons for Atlantis’ downfall. More child-friendly uplifting themes of wonderment and idealism mixed with mature themes of greed and failure provide the foundation for the universal call to action and inspiration With a virtual queue, Guests are allowed the freedom to choose how to spend their time waiting with any of the activities and amenities provided by the Station (please see the Submission Documents for more details)
  • Conservation Edu-Tainment Show
    Guests of all ages can come and relax while engaging their minds to learn from marine life professionals and conservationists about topic such as: – Programs on rehabilitation and repopulation of local & global endangered species – Planetary impacts of waste on aspects of marine plant life, like coral reef bleaching – Sustainable fishing practices and the benefits of biodiversity – Steps they can take at home and in the wild to help protect the beauty of the oceans – and more! (please see the Submission Documents for more details)
  • Explorer's Quest
    Young Guests will be rewarded by Mother Nature for completing the interactive quest for kids (ages 5-12) with interactive puzzles hidden within artifacts scattered around the Temple. RFID-enabled Atlantean amulets are used to unlock clues and solve the marine exhibits' puzzles that educate explorers on the different facets of marine habitats, biology, and the effects of humans (please see the Submission Documents for more details)
  • Rubble Rumble Play Area
    The youngest of Guests have a space all for themselves. An opportunity to let their imaginations run wild as they have adventures, make friends, and discover secrets of the Temple hidden within the play-on ruins. Rubble Rumble is located directly next to the entrance to ATLANTIS: Uncover the Lost Secrets. Parents are provided with plenty of nearby seating to relax upon with good sightlines to watch their energetic adventurers as they wait in the virtual queue. (please see the Submission Documents for more details)
  • Pavilion Concept
  • E-Ticket Attraction Concept
  • Explorer's Quest Framework
  • High Concepts Synopses

Concept Art
Josephine Pruitt


Chris Klein — Creative Director + Show Writer
Marcus Stone — Producer + Show Writer
Josie Pruitt — Concept Artist

Mackenzie Motsinger — Graphic Designer
Weston Blum — Show Writer

Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating to expand, develop, or further bring this concept to life

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